Section 18 of the Indian Penal Code

Section 18 First of all it is necessary to know and understand that all the murders are criminal homicides, but it is also true that criminal homicides are not murders.

 Section 18 of the Indian Penal Code

 You have started reading, know what is the difference between criminal homicide and murder, it is very easy to see and hear, but only a person who has descended deeply can break the words, it is easy to read a legal book.

 But it is a bit difficult to understand easily. In the Indian Penal Code, Section No. 299 and 300 are related to criminal homicide and murder, the meaning of the words is the same but the reason behind the words is bigger.

Section 18 of the Indian Penal Code
Section 18 of the Indian Penal Code

 Both the words mean the same thing as human slaughter also means to kill and the word murder also means to kill, it is understood that but both the words cannot be used interchangeably because they have many meanings. there is difference

 You have seen that there is a big difference between them, now we will keep an eye on such points which will complete our questions and also get information.


 Manslaughter means killing another human by one human, although not all homicide is a crime and the non-committer is not a crime, in some places it is not a crime, such as a soldier posted in security and with a deformed mind whose mental condition is not good and a child’s By etc. It is definitely in the category of human slaughter, but it is not a crime, intentionally or for some reason, one human kills another, it is a crime.

 Know how many types of human slaughter are there

 There are two types of human slaughter first

 1. Lawful homicide

 2. Illegal homicide or unlawful

 Lawful homicides are those that come under IPC and come under general exceptions to IPC, so they are not punished, those who come under lawful homicides, illegal homicides are those that are punishable under IPC. It is an illegal slaughter and in such a case the offender is punished.

 Know how many types of legal homicide are there

 Lawful homicide is mainly of two types,

 1. Forgivable homicide

 2. Justified homicide

 As a result of this, the IPC recognizes the main three types of human slaughter i.e.

 1. Forgivable

 2. justified

 3. Illegal i.e. (not forgiven or justified)

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