Law of Torts Notes in Hindi

Talking about law of Torts the origin of the word tort, it is derived from the language “French”.

Law of Torts Notes in Hindi

It means “wrong” in English. But if he torts, then it is called tortfizer and if more than one person torts on someone, then they are called joint tortees. The main purpose of the law that has been made is to compensate the victims of tort.

 What is the purpose of Tort and why was it made a law?

 When someone messes with someone’s normal life, then the law of the country applies to him, so that no one is wronged, there are sections of law and law, know the purpose of tort.

Law of Torts Notes in Hindi

Law of Torts Notes in Hindi
Law of Torts Notes in Hindi

 1. Determination of rights between the parties to any dispute i.e. to determine

 2. To prevent the continuation or recurrence of loss or damage

 3. To protect the rights which have been given to the person by the law of the land, that is, to protect and protect the reputation of the person.

 4. To restore one’s property to the original owner i.e. to give one’s property to its original owner

Know what is legal damage?

 Legal damage means to cause harm or indemnity here compensation refers to the demand for damages

 Any damage to which the law is attached is called legal damage.

Know what is intentional tart

 When the offense is committed with the mental intention of causing such torture, except with full knowledge of the consequences of any such offence.

 1. to attack

 2. False imprisonment

 3. Battery

 4. Trespass to the Land

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