Know what is Article 39

Know what is Article 39 of the Indian Constitution and related laws Article 39 is related to the provisions and principles of the policy, which will be adopted by the state government, it has 6 sub-sections, the details of which are as follows.

Know what is Article 39

 1. Article 39(a) of the Constitution of India, all citizens of India, whether male or female, regardless of their gender, shall have the right to an adequate means of livelihood.

Know what is Article 39
Know what is Article 39

 2. Article 39(b) of the Constitution of India The ownership of India’s resources and materials shall be distributed in such a way that it serves the common goal

 3. (c) of the Constitution of India The economic system of India should be implemented in such a way that the concentration of money and the means of production does not result in a general loss

 4. Article 39(d) of the Constitution of India to promote normal wages for ordinary work

 5. (e) of the Constitution of India The health and strength of the worker here, whether male, female or child, shall not be subjected to mistreatment and tampering with him, and shall not be a reason to enter into such occupation which is inappropriate for age and strength

 6. Article 40(f) of the Indian Constitution shall be given to children with reasonable opportunities to help them to build up in a healthy manner and in a state of freedom and dignity, besides preventing childhood and youth from any form of exploitation and moral and material abandonment. will be protected against

 Know the law related to Article 39

 Since the independence of India, laws related to employees and their safety have been made, whose sole purpose is to avoid and curb evil practices like exploitation.

 1. Minimum Wages Act 1948

 2. Code on Wages 2020

 3. Contract Labor Regulation and Abolition Act 1970

 4. Child Labor Prohibition and Regulation Act 1986

 5. Abolition of Bonded Labor System Act 1976

 6. Mines and Minerals Act 1957

 7. Maternity Benefit Act 1961

 8. Equal Remuneration Act 1976

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