How to view locked profile in Facebook in Iphone?

There are some necessary steps in this post to know view locked profile in facebook, if you do it right then you will be able to see locked Facebook profile.

view locked profile in facebook

Keeping in mind the security of its user, Facebook brings updates one after the other, how the security of the user can be done, it is important for Facebook, you can see the locked profile on Facebook, but for this you have to do these steps,

• You have to login to your Facebook account, iPhone users will also login, after login, see your profile whether it is yours or not, if you have it, click on the search option on the top of your screen.

• Enter the name of the profile you want to see Search the same name as written on the profile

• Open the profile after this, if the user’s profile is locked, then you will not be able to see the profile in any way without sending the friend request to him.

• Profile is private you will never be able to see without that user’s permission, you have to wait until your friend request is accepted then you will be able to see his/her profile

To protect the personal information of the user, Facebook has given this profile lock facility, you will not be able to see the locked profile in any way without the permission of the user.

How to see your friend’s post on locked profile on Facebook?

How to see your friend’s post on locked profile?

view locked profile in facebook
view locked profile in facebook

If you are not getting your friend’s post and update, then you have to see whether you are still in his friend list or not, despite being a friend, if you are not able to see the post, then it may be because of your friend’s post. access is limited

Set only on accepted or selected friend you can get answer to this question by contacting same friend you can send request for friend request to them again,

it depends on your friend whether you can see his post or not

After accepting the friendship, ask him that you are not seeing the post and ask him the reason.

Respect them for setting changes If you have concerns about changing their privacy settings, contact them directly instead of sending a request to their locked profile

What is Facebook Lock Profile?

To protect the personal information of the Facebook user, Facebook has brought the profile lock option. You can enable this system by going to your Facebook settings. After this setting is enabled, no unknown user can collect your information.

Your posts and events will be seen only by people who are your friends or whom you choose to see. After this update, the security of the Facebook user will be strengthened. This was the objective of Facebook, which has proved to be true so far. You can see someone’s locked profile. send him a friend request for

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