What to do after a no-fault car accident

It is rarely seen that someone else’s fault should be punished, but after the accident of no-fault car accident

, it has become necessary to consider it.

What to do after a no-fault car accident in Michigan?

When you face such an incident, you should not leave that place, otherwise you may be accused of leaving the scene of the accident.

You should exchange your insurance and license with another driver and if possible help yourself with medical services there.

What to do after a no-fault car accident in Michigan? 
What to do after a no-fault car accident in Michigan?

Report all your injuries first to the doctors and nurses in the emergency room

If you want to be vigilant after an incident in Michigan, then you can do the following: You can collect information such as driving license, insurance and registration etc.

from the other driver, the license plate of the vehicle at the accident site or the person by whom the car accident happened. consider taking a picture of

Do not agree to anything of the insurer or sign the document shown by them without consulting a lawyer

Right to Compensation for Vehicle Damage:

If your car or truck etc. vehicle is damaged in an accident without any fault then you can use Mini Tort to compensate for the repair of the vehicle.

The mini tort law allows the non-at-fault driver or the owner of that vehicle to sue the at-fault driver for damages of up to $3,000 that is not covered by the insurance company.

Right to pain and suffering compensation:

If you are damaged in a car accident due to someone else’s fault then you are eligible to recover the compensation for the injury caused by that driver.

Injury to your body is paid as compensation by the faulty driver

No-fault PIP Benefits:

When a person causes an auto accident it is not a question of whether that person is entitled to recover no-fault PIP benefits. Michigan law pays no-fault PIP benefits regardless of fault.

How to choose a car accident lawyer?:

In the event of a road accident, you need a lawyer who through the law makes you and your vehicle aware of the good and bad laws and compensation for the accident.

The best lawyer for you in case of injury is the one who is expert in all matters of car accident. It should not be that he/she lacks knowledge as well as experience.

He must have million dollar records, treat customers with compassion and respect, be well-versed and trustworthy in the law, help you at the right time when you need it

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