Explaining the dangers of distracted driving 

At present there are many incidents which occur due to dangers of distracted driving . Distracted driving is like a serious intoxicant condition driving in a state of intoxication becomes difficult, similarly distracted driving causes a serious accident

Explaining the dangers of distracted driving

Distracted driving often causes more harm to others than itself, affecting a normal journey, putting the lives of others on the road at risk

Explaining the dangers of distracted driving 
Explaining the dangers of distracted driving


Many of the causes of distracted driving are contacting cell phones while driving, sending necessary messages that temporarily distract attention from the road and off the vehicle, these two factors cause the most serious and dangerous incidents of all.  The driver needs to be careful and careful

If you use a cell phone for any need while driving, then your ability to focus on the road is lost

It is necessary for a car driver to have his full attention on the road and on his car, it is often seen that many new and old drivers talk to the passengers in the car, which causes distracted driving, due to the number of passengers in many states.  there are limits on

Explaining the dangers of distracted driving 
Explaining the dangers of distracted driving

What is distracted driving?

Distracted driving is the removal of the driver’s attention from the road or vehicle to any other object, place and information in which the driver’s attention is diverted to an activity that distracts him from driving the vehicle carefully and safely.

The driver becomes blind in a way to all the incidents happening on the road, like when he is blind, he cannot see anything and when he is not seen, he does not understand, in the same way the driver is deprived of the movement of the road or road.

What are the dangers of distracted driving?

Know the main three factors that generate the dangers of distracted driving

  •  Distraction of the driver’s eye from the road due to front sight distraction
  •  Manual distraction from the side that causes the driver to take his hands off his steering wheel
  •  Cognitive distraction in which the driver’s mind is removed from the fact that he is currently driving

The dangers of distracted driving include the distracted driver himself, who is more likely to have an accident than non-distracted drivers. According to a record, an accident while texting is 23 times as likely to occur while dialing a cell phone.  is 12 times more likely to injure or die not only to yourself but also to people walking on the road

Explaining the dangers of distracted driving 
Explaining the dangers of distracted driving 

reading to the information, if the driver’s attention and sight is lost for 4.6 seconds while driving and he is traveling at 55 mph, then during that 4.6 seconds it is like driving blindfolded on a football field.

driving behavior

Driving behaviors that usually lead to distracted driving include:

  •  Eating or drinking while driving
  •  Using a wedge while driving
  •  Using GPS While Driving
  •  Driver Using FaceTime or Zoom
  •  Accessing the Internet, social media, videos or images while driving
  •  Interacting with passengers while driving
  •  Talking on the phone while driving
  •  Texting or texting while driving
Explaining the dangers of distracted driving 
Explaining the dangers of distracted driving

Which is the most dangerous type of distracted driving?

One of the most dangerous types of distracted driving is texting. Yes because the driver is 23 times more likely to crash and includes all three types, visual, manual and cognitive. Texting is dangerous because it takes attention and vision for 5 seconds.  kicks off the road

The second number for distracted driving is by dialing the number from the cell phone, in which the driver is 12 times more likely to have an accident, there is a 2 to 4 times increase in accidents caused by using a mobile phone while driving.  whether the driver is hand-held or free

Do hands-free texting and cell phone devices help eliminate the problem?

It is not necessary that your hand is free, then you will be considered safe if your hand is on the steering wheel and you are listening to something through communication and you are lost, then looking at the road is equal to not seeing you, so it is important that your attention  And eyes both on the road and on the steering wheel of the vehicle.

Statistics on the dangers of distracted driving

A few years ago, an incident in the US shook all drivers, including 13 percent of drivers who were found talking, listening and using cell phones while driving.

Know some figures were due to distracted driving

There were some 14,326 car accidents in the year 2020 involving a significant number of distracted drivers, 2397 involving drivers who were using a cell and interacting with a passenger

how to protect yourself

To protect yourself from the dangers of distracted driving, pay special attention to these things, if you keep these things in mind while traveling, then you will be saved from big dangers.

  •  Driver should not use phone while traveling
  •  Do not call or message while traveling
  •  Put your phone in the glove box or truck
  •  Do not eat or drink anything while driving or driving
  •  Do not read or watch any kind of videos, pictures, maps

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