is facebook down today

Facebook is the social media with the highest and most search traffic,facebook down  most of the users appreciate its use, because of the high traffic, Facebook server crashes on time,is facebook down today or this is called Facebook down. Used on a site where the server is not working properly

facebook down

To know whether Facebook is down or not, open your browser and go to your Facebook platform status, tell you that this is a product of Facebook, you can extract information using it.

For whether Facebook is down or not, you go to Twitter and read all the tweets there, if it is down then you will get tweets of many people, Twitter is used by most of the people, where you get information about Facebook every second.

facebook down

You can see that Facebook is down or there is a problem, you check the internet connectivity, it is not necessary that there is an external reason, you can see this problem even if there is no personal network or data.

On the website, you can check Facebook’s down and many more information from many third party parties, when there is too many logins or searching together, the server gets down.

What to do if Facebook is down

When Facebook is down, you need to take some measures that will work at that time, some effective tips that will help you on Facebook down situation.

To sign-in to Facebook, use the site or app and fill in the correct information, you may not be able to use Facebook on the site, then you should go to the app, but if you are facing problems, try other browsers. use the

You delete all the cache files from your browser, delete the cookies and history which are there, keep your computer or pc safe from virus or clean it.

Restart you computer and if possible check and correct your DNS server

If your Facebook account is locked due to any reason, please unlock it and confirm your identity.

Use web proxy server, many times facebook is not completely disabled when update broadcast message regarding performance of facebook like: 403 errors, 404 forbidden, 500 internal errors etc.

When you report errors or messages to Facebook, you get a reply after 24 or 72 hours.

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