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Street Style Paneer Bhurji which goes with everything like Roti, Paratha, Kulcha, Bread and tastes very tasty, so if you are a Paneer lover then definitely make this dish of Paneer once and we will make it in an authentic thela style so that Its taste will increase even more and you will not need to go out.

Street Style Paneer Bhurji

How to make Street Style Paneer Bhurji Recipe

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Serving: 05


Paneer – 300 grams

onion – 1 cup

Tomato – 1 cup

Ginger – 1 tsp

Garlic – 1 tbsp

Green chilli – 1 tbsp

Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp

Red chilli powder – 1.5 tsp

Coriander powder – 1 tsp

Cumin powder – 1/2 tsp

Pav bhaji masala – 1 tbsp

Garam masala – 1 tsp

Coriander leaves

Butter – 3 tsp

Cooking oil – 4 tbsp

Roasted gram flour – 2 tbsp

Roasted kasuri methi – 1 tsp

Green chilli – 3

How to make Tasty Spicy Tawa Paneer Bhurji

To make Street Style Paneer Bhurji, I have taken a big pan. If you want, you can also use a pan. I am making street style, so I have taken a big pan.

In this we will add two spoons of butter and four spoons of oil. Mix butter and oil and use it. If you do not like butter then you can skip it.

And you can reduce the quantity of oil. As soon as the butter and oil melt, we will add one cup of finely chopped onion.

We have to fry it on medium flame for three to four minutes. As soon as the color of the onion changes, we will add one tablespoon garlic and one teaspoon grated ginger.

Mix both of them well. Here you can also use garlic ginger paste. I grated it and used it. It tastes better as soon as the onion and garlic ginger get cooked.

We will add three green chillies, finely chopped chillies, you can use less quantity, fry it well and after that we will add tomatoes to it, so the amount of onion you have used here.

If we want to use the same amount of tomatoes, we had taken one cup of onion, so we will also take one cup of tomatoes. Mix them all well and let it cook, meaning everything should melt, we have to cook that much.

After that we will add spices in it, so here we have fried onion, tomato, everything, now we will add half teaspoon turmeric powder, one to one and a half teaspoon red chilli powder, I am using Kashmiri red chilli here which is less spicy. Is

We will add one teaspoon coriander powder, half teaspoon cumin, we will add one tablespoon pav bhaji masala and one teaspoon kitchen king or you can use garam masala in its place. Mix all these and fry the spices well. Is

Keep this in mind while frying the spices. If the spices are sticking then you can add some water to it. So here I added one-fourth cup of water and will fry the spices on high flame. Now we will add two tablespoons of water here. will add roasted gram flour

Roasted gram flour brings a very good taste to it and keeps the gravy as a binder. We will add a little coriander leaves to it and mix it well. So here, mix it well and cook the gram flour along with the spices as soon as Gram flour and spices will mix well.

Then we will put water in it and make a gravy out of it i.e. gravy, so here you put about one to one and a half cup of water in it, so I have added one and a half cup of water here, you can increase or decrease the water as per your convenience.

So here we will make Bhurji with gravy, add a little more water as per taste, we will add salt in it, so I added one and a half teaspoon of salt here and after that mix it well and leave it to boil.

When the water boils, the spices will get cooked better. Remember, the more you fry the spices, the tastier your curry will be. So here we will add paneer in it. So here I prepared 300 grams of paneer like this. had grated

Add this paneer and we will mix the paneer well. The flame of the gas has to be kept medium here. Other spices like this will mix well with the paneer. What we will do is put it in it.

A lot of coriander leaves. Coriander leaves bring a very good taste to it, so if you use more coriander leaves then I have added these coriander leaves here, mix it well and after that what will we do in the last

We will add some butter and Kasoori Methi. Kasoori Methi is optional in it, so here our very tasty Masala Paneer Bhurji is ready, so what we have to do before turning off the gas is to put a little roasted Kasoori Methi on it.

Pour just a little bit and add a spoon of butter here, after that mix it well and turn off the gas, then this is our street style spicy Paneer Bhurji which you can eat with bread or pav. Is

You can eat it with Kulcha or you can also eat normal rotis with Paratha, that is, it tastes very good with Lachcha Paratha too and when you make it, its aroma becomes so strong that every member of the house gets up and comes. If you go then you will see

This is looking so tempting and instead of cheese, you can also use egg in it. If you eat egg, then cut two to four green chillies and put them in the end and after that serve it. So here is so much. smells good

What more can I say, now we will serve it, so here we will serve it street style, so to serve, take out this pav bhaji in a plate, so you can see what is the texture of the spices and the paneer which we have prepared. has worn out

It is completely in liquid form, you should not make it too thick, see what we will do then, we will put one or two green chillies on it and after this, keep this Paneer Bhurji aside and put a little butter on the pan.

And on top of that, either pav or kulcha, whatever you want to serve, roast it well like it is done in pav bhaji, it is the same process if you want to roast it, so here I am using this readymade kulcha.

To serve, put some onion and green chillies on the plate, apply salt, lemon and red chillies on the side and then have this hot Kulcha Aa Ha Ha, meaning what else is needed in food, it is not as tempting to eat as it looks. It is even more tasty then you must try this street style Paneer Bhurji recipe.

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